Bitcoin Casino as a Trigger for the Online Casino Transformation

Nowadays, gambling is a huge market whose net worth in 2015, according to the earlier forecasts of some reputable statistics portals, was to achieve the level of 40 billion dollars or even higher. It is clear that online gambling now is gaining pace overtaking its land-based counterparts, which is reasonable, since more and more entertainment services, including casinos, are moving towards the electronic systems that allow global access for users from different countries.

BTC Price

It was estimated that the majority of transactions in online casinos are made in the most common currencies – EUR, USD, GBP; however, today the tendency of more and more people switching to cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, is gaining enormous popularity.

What Lies Behind the Concept of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of electronic money that allows its owners to transfer funds to any place in the world in a matter of seconds not incurring any additional charges. The cryptocurrency is fully decentralised, since no bank or other financial institution holds control over it. Its management depends purely on the user. Lack of intermediaries is something that makes bitcoin transactions unique and similar to sending an e-mail or a text message – as simple as that.

Why Is It So Special?

Bitcoin has a number of advantages that can attract more users. One of the most notable benefits – it is anonymous and can be compared to ready cash if one wants to buy something without turning to debit or credit cards. When one holds a banknote in one’s hands, this person is the only controller of the money. And this is what bitcoin is all about. Apart from anonymity, one can find many more positive aspects to benefit from when using bitcoin. These include lack of transaction fees and third party’s involvement, which means that no one can prevent funds from being delivered to the recipient timely. In addition, deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin are instant and transactions can be made around the clock.

A More Enjoyable Experience in Casino

Those who are accustomed to playing games in traditional casinos will certainly find bitcoin casinos very simple to use. One cannot touch bitcoin; however, one can take advantage of using it just as fiat currencies that are played with in land-based casinos. Today bitcoin owners realise that the cryptocurrency is an opportunity they were previously deprived of in online gambling, so now the situation has changed, providing them with what they really wanted – independence and power over their own money. Anyone should have this right.

What Does Hybrid Casino Mean?

This concept might sound new and complicated, but as soon as one understands its meaning, it does not seem so anymore. The word ‘hybrid’ suggests a compound incorporating several elements. In terms of casino ‘hybrid’ relates to the so-called duality of different types of currencies, in this case it refers to the mixing of cryptocurrency, bitcoin in particular, and the common fiat currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, etc.

There are several factors that can influence the user’s decision when choosing between a bitcoin casino and the one dealing with only one type of the currencies. First, in hybrid casinos the player has more payment options. Second, the withdrawal process is fast and easy. Hybrid casinos provide users with more freedom in terms of payments, for such cryptocurrency, as Bitcoin, can be purchased and later exchanged for a common currency. Since withdrawals do not require much time and are normally free, users can very easily take their money out at any moment, thus, holding a total control over their money, just as one would do in a traditional casino.

JETWIN is one of the first casino platforms that started accepting bitcoin. In order to open an account with JETWIN, the user has to buy bitcoins first. The cryptocurrency can be purchased through a wide range of different exchange services, such as, Coinbase, as well as via debit/credit cards. After buying bitcoins, players can deposit funds to their accounts. It is important to remember that the user have to select the currency they want to play with during the registration process. New customers can receive the No-deposit or Deposit bonuses and use those for placing bets in JETWIN casino.

To sum up, hybrid casinos have a number of benefits that users can enjoy. These include an opportunity to choose what to play with – standard currencies or bitcoins, instant withdrawals for the both as well as limitless deposits.

Education is important

Obviously, growth on a constant basis is essential, however, the knowledge of bitcoin’s functioning principles and its application is crucial for increasing public awareness and making the cryptocurrency go mainstream, which is achievable.

As it was previously mentioned, anyone can become a bitcoin owner by purchasing the coins on various exchange platforms. Bitcoins can be bought with a standard currency and then deposited to the owner’s account opened with some of the casinos that accept bitcoins.

The most recognisable bitcoin trading platforms:,

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